• What comes to mind when I think of HEMP is: Honest, caring, professional, open, sincere, ethical and joyous. Those are just a few words that symbolize the reality of HEMPers working together.

    » HEMP Mentor
  • The HEMP culture is one of insight, inspiration and encouragement. In every mentoring meeting and HEMP event, you are pushed to ask yourself the pivotal questions that can enact change in your business and in your life.

    » HEMP Mentee
  • My team of 30 couldn’t wait for me to attend a HEMP function and bring it back to them. It was life-changing for them, and it was worth its weight in gold. My only regret is that I didn’t do it 10 years sooner, but I’m glad that I did it when I was asked.

    » HEMP Fellow
  • HEMP has a culture of selfless help and support; you ask and you shall receive. There is genuine care for the mentoring process with a commitment to delivering real value to participants.

    » HEMP Fellow
  • My mentor and I talked about everything imaginable. My work with him became a family affair - he was the father I never had. My confidence was destroyed and he built it back up again.

    » HEMP Mentee

HEMP by the Numbers

$748 million

Contributed to Kansas City


Increased Revenue Growth

21 years

Growing Kansas City


Increased Employee Count