Program Guidelines

program guidelines

Mentee Guidelines

  • You have operated as the sole Ultimate Decision Maker of the business a minimum of 3 years
  • You have annual revenue between $1,000,000 - $100,000,000
  • You have a desire to substantially grow your business
  • You have a minimum of 5 full-time employees
  • You display internal and external integrity as a business owner
  • You are willing to invest the time by meeting with your Mentor a minimum of two times per month and attending 75% of events
  • Note: Only one Mentee (the Ultimate Decision Maker) per company may be accepted into HEMP.

Do you want to participate? Request more information through the Apply Online section of this web site. If you do not qualify at this time, try the FAQ section, but keep us in mind for future consideration!

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Mentor Guidelines

  • You are a veteran business owner or a top level executive
  • You have a willingness to openly share your business knowledge - both successes and failures
  • You are willing to commit to meeting with your Mentee at least twice per month
  • You are willing to commit to attending 50% of networking programs, including the annual retreat

Do you want to participate? Request more information through the Apply Online section of this web site.

Person Suit


Counselors are individuals who are not currently matched with a HEMP Mentee, but have a wealth of experience they are willing to share with others in HEMP. Counselors have been through the Mentor screening process and are eligible to become matched Mentors. They may be willing to serve as a Counselor on an as-needed basis for a limited period of time (i.e., one or two meetings, a phone call) or may choose to be included in the ongoing pool of available Mentors.

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Society of Fellows

The Society of Fellows is open to anyone willing to support HEMP with a financial commitment.  This includes Mentors and Counselors who have been involved with HEMP for three years or longer. Participation in the Society of Fellows allows individuals to give back to HEMP for the benefits they received in the past, as well as stay connected with others in the organization through invitations to the many HEMP events.